Today I am really excited to share something completely different on my blog! I hope to keep this up and start a new DIY series, starting with this train themed birthday party we did for Colton last year. Looking back at these pictures makes me realize how much he has grown in just a few months! I am already planning his third birthday party for November! Colton’s birthday landed right on Thanksgiving Day last year. He loves trains, so it was the perfect theme to go with! Whenever I plan parties I love to get out my Cricut. I made a matching shirt, cake topper, mantle decoration, and helped with the cardboard train my husband made for the party!

In the photo above, Colton is wearing the shirt I made for his party. It was the first thing I made and I absolutely love it! I’ll be so sad when he doesn’t fit it anymore. I have washed it a ton of times and it still looks great! I wanted to use an image of a modern train and then customize the colors to match the party. I love the train I ended up using – simple rectangles, circles, and a triangle on the front to really pull it all together. Since Colton knows all of his shapes now, he loved the shirt too! My favorite place to find fonts to use for shirts is Creative Market. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get freebies every Monday! Cricut also has a lot of fonts you can use if you have a membership to Cricut Access.

If you own a Cricut, it will come with a program to use called Design Space. I found it super user friendly and there are a ton of projects that range from beginner to pro. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be addicted! I was able to create the design of Colton’s shirt in just a few minutes. From there, I simply used the machine to cut out all the different colors of iron on vinyl and pressed it on with my Cricut heat press! I promise to do a more in depth tutorial on making shirts in another blog post!

I used the same train image and cut it out with some cardstock for the mantle decoration. It’s just taped down with masking tape! Super easy! I also cut another train for the top of his cake out of cardstock and taped toothpicks behind it so I could put it into his cake. I added a fun little steam cloud with the number “2” on the cake topper. The tassel garland was made of tissue paper and some twine.

I convinced my darling husband to make this train for the party! I knew Colton would love it, and he did! We kept it in the yard long after his party so he could play with it. We used the biggest cardboard box we had, which was the box his convertible car seat came in! We also had another large box from some of my online shopping…yes I will admit – I do shop online a lot! I purchased some inexpensive orange paint from Hobby Lobby and then cut circles out of black cardstock for the wheels. It was so much fun to get white balloons and put them into the train to be like “steam”. It made for some really cute pictures too!

Here’s a picture of us on his birthday! I was pregnant with my daughter, and she’s almost 6 months old now! Life has just been a little crazy but I still wanted to share! I will do my best to keep up with these kinds of posts regularly! Thanks for reading!

If you want to check out the Cricut, click the image below!

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